Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dear Baby, I'm Sorry

Dear Baby,
I'm sorry I didn't smile at you
your first few weeks of life.
I'm sorry mommy cried with you
when it was late at night.
I'm sorry I didn't play with you
and encourage you to coo,
I'm sorry I kept my distance
and forgot to say I Love You.
I wish that things were different
and I appreciated what I had
I wish I could have a do over
and believe it wouldn't be so bad.
I'm sorry that I got sick
the day we brought you home,
and that it took so long for me to seek help
because I felt so alone.
But Baby let me make it up to you,
I promise from now on
that I will love you every second
and never do you wrong.
I promise I will work on me
if you can forgive my mistakes
so we can enjoy our days together
nothing for granted I will take.
Dear Baby,
I love you so much
I only hope that you can know
that I never meant to hurt you
and that our relationship will grow.
I will never let you down again,
and I'm sorry I did before,
please let me make it up to you
my Baby, forevermore.

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