Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tribute to Daddy's

It seems pretty obvious the sacrifices that women make to bring children into this world: 40 weeks (or more, God forbid) of pregnancy, labor, child birth, recovery, permanent body changes, sleep...but what about daddy?

During pregnancy, everyone flocks to the mommy and is constantly asking her how she is doing, how she's feeling, if everything in the nursery is ready, if she's nervous and prepared, and when baby is finally born everyone again asks mommy how she is doing and feeling, if she's sleeping and eating enough...but what about daddy?

I would like to think I am not the only one that has an amazing and supportive husband, therefore I wanted to take the time to dedicate one post to the amazing daddy's of the world, but more specifically, the daddy of my own little one.

We met five years ago in a dark bar on a Tuesday. He was unlike any other guy I had met before and we instantly connected. Throughout our five years together we have encountered ups and downs just like any couple, but Hubs was always willing to talk to me about anything and there was never anything I couldn't go to him with. He never gave up on me after many others did. Always wanting to be a daddy, he was beyond ecstatic when I got pregnant. I wasn't a hormonal, crazy pregnant lady, but maybe that's because Hubs always made sure every need was met. Before I could demand, he would ask me if he could get me anything...even if that meant driving to Taco Bell at 10pm for chalupas. Almost every night he would rub my back without one complaint, and towards the end of my pregnancy would even rub my feet. He listened to all my irrational worries and nodded along as I told him about what I had learned about baby sleep, diapers and day cares. He.Was.A.Godsend.

When P was born, he was extremely supportive in the hospital. He spent three nights on the couch in my hospital room and changed many diapers. He sat by my bedside and talked to me and made beef jerky runs (man I missed that!). And when we brought P home and I silently suffered from PPD, he took care of our daughter. He changed her, fed her, rocked her, stayed up all night with her. Who says a daddy doesn't do just as much as a mommy does?

So here is a simple salute to the amazing husband and daddy in my life. He has never complained about this little life we live together and never forgets to tell me he loves me. He is willing and supportive and not a day goes by I am not grateful for God bringing him into my life (or that random Tuesday we both decided to go out drinking). He is my rock, and I only hope that one day my little P will find a man that treats her as good as her daddy treats me.

My soulmate. <3

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