Sunday, March 29, 2015

Why I Won't Feel Bad About That Glass of Wine

It was recently brought to my attention that being a mother and having a drink is irresponsible and offensive. This information came to me from a complete stranger and I was so taken aback by her need to share this information with me and point out what a horrible mother I was, that I couldn't even find the words to defend myself. Is enjoying a drink a bad thing? No. Is enjoying 12 drinks? Probably. Mostly when you have a baby at home. But the thing is is that glass of wine is MINE!

For 9 months I shared my body with P so she could grow and be healthy before coming into this world. I now share her little life with Hubs, and every member of my family that can't stop holding and kissing her. My lap is always full with a baby or a clingy dog, my kitchen cupboards have been taken over by bottles and formula, and my bathroom cabinet is now filled with Johnson&Johnson baby soap and rubber duckys....but this glass of wine I don't have to share with anyone. It's mine. 

As P grows older I realize more and more of my home will be taken over by her and less and less will be mine to do as I please. Soon, I will lose all control over my organized entertainment center and spic and span kitchen cupboards filled with pots and pans. Clothes will soon be torn from dresser drawers and strewn across the room, little hands will reach for the dog food in the bowl and little feet will start to run across the floor with mine not too far behind trying to catch up. So while I still have the chance, can't I enjoy the one thing I don't have to share or forfeit in the near future? Am I allowed one moment to relax and savor the quietness of my home late at night in the dark with a glass of moscato? To reflect over the day's events and count my blessings before my life becomes too exhausting with a toddler that I could care less what my blessings are?

So let me have this moment. It's mine. I don't have to share it with anyone and I never will. I am still me. I am still a wife, friend, daughter, sister....but I am not all these things every second of my day. I am still a mom. But sometimes I need just a few minutes at the end of the day to be me, and I'll be damned if someone should make me feel bad about that. 

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